THE FROG POND- how it started

Every garden needs a frog pond…

Apart from creating an interesting focal point,  a well established pond will support a diverse  range of   critters.  Birds, frogs , lizards and insects will all be encouraged to make their home close to the source of water and their activities are  pretty vital to the overall health of the garden.

Creating our pond was very much  a collaborative effort.  Students  from year 7 and 8  fund raised, local  businesses  and the school community supported the project by donating funds and some materials.  Groups of students from both  campuses   contributed to preparing  and landscaping the site.

The following photo gallery shows    different stages of the project.


My name is Helena Foster, I'm the slightly nervous author of the School Harvest blog site, nervous because I'm learning the fine art of blogging pretty much as I go. I'm driven by the fact that what we do is so exciting and so important, it needs to be shared. Formerly a garden specialist at WWPS Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, I now conduct an intensive community garden program at Wodonga Middle Years College. I work with student volunteers 11 to 15 years old in order to teach them organic gardening skills which will hopefully enable them to make better lifestyle choices for themselves and their community in the future. I am thrilled to be part of the movement where schools take on the task of educating young generations about this most basic of prerequisites towards sustainable, food secure future.

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gardening at school towards sustainable future

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gardening at school towards sustainable future

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