Last Saturday (31st of August) we took our wares to our local Hume Murray Farmers Market

This was the culmination of about 10 weeks of seriously hard work. We   have been collecting and cleaning recycled jars and bottles, making all sorts of  preserves, packaging seed harvested in Autumn, potting up plants and bottling liquid worm fertiliser. We wanted our produce to look  attractive so we designed nice labels and dressed each jar with a little blue and white  chequered  doily – that’s a lot of  cutting with pinking shears!

On the day  we wanted to get the recycling message across,  especially to young children, We  did that by running  an interactive  workshop where kids (of all ages!) made a biodegradable newspaper pot, planted a seedling in it  and took it home to plant out in their garden. We were very lucky to have a parent with background in horticulture who was able to join us for the entire morning  and engage the passing by customers in the workshop activities.

We had an amazing, high energy day and received  much  heart-worming and  encouraging feedback from our customers. Our students went home with a great sense of achievement and also of being appreciated by  their  community !

Many thanks to all our supporters – you give us wings!

Special thanks to Nick Messinga from Howlong Nuseries , who donated the seedlings for our workshop.

to all WMYC staff and  students- spot some familiar faces in our  snap shot gallery


My name is Helena Foster, I'm the slightly nervous author of the School Harvest blog site, nervous because I'm learning the fine art of blogging pretty much as I go. I'm driven by the fact that what we do is so exciting and so important, it needs to be shared. Formerly a garden specialist at WWPS Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, I now conduct an intensive community garden program at Wodonga Middle Years College. I work with student volunteers 11 to 15 years old in order to teach them organic gardening skills which will hopefully enable them to make better lifestyle choices for themselves and their community in the future. I am thrilled to be part of the movement where schools take on the task of educating young generations about this most basic of prerequisites towards sustainable, food secure future.

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  1. Mark Dan says:

    What great effort loved reading about this on your blog

  2. Thanks Mark, It was an amazing day for all of us

  3. Yesterday, in “About Us”, one of our customers said:

    “Hi guys,
    We bought a jar of your wonderful chilli jam at the farmers market today. The guys running the stall were very professional and helpful. Well done all round. You should be proud of yourselves!”

    We rock!!

    thanks, Stace

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