Nearly 2 years ago, when our garden was but a bare paddock, I said to one of the first groups to work with me : ” It does’t look like much now, but let’s make it so good Costa from Gardening Australia will  want to visit us”

Well.. it happened sooner than I thought!

Costa Giorgiades, the organic gardening guru, iconic  champion of education for sustainability, host of ABC’s  Gardening Australia,and my personal hero graced us with his presence, making it the most exciting  day in all my gardening days!! Do I sound like a fan? I hope so..

In all fairness we were just  incredibly lucky  to be chosen as one of the local sustainability projects for Costa to visit in preparation for the grand opening (and grand it truly was)  of the  Regional Centre of Expertise- Murray Darling, at which he was a very special guest speaker.

He was scheduled to spend only half hour  in our garden , but ended up giving us nearly an hour, because , in his words, “this is important, I’m talking to the kids and they are the future” .

no argument from me nor the students, we  were all over the moon..

What an honour,  to be given an opportunity to showcase our project not only to Costa, but also to  other visitors  touring with him, many distinguished   for their active and  professional  involvement in various aspects  of sustainable development in our area.

click  here  to read the media release prior to the official opening of our own RCE-MD

click here to find out more about  global Regional Centres for Expertise.

My name is Helena Foster, I'm the slightly nervous author of the School Harvest blog site, nervous because I'm learning the fine art of blogging pretty much as I go. I'm driven by the fact that what we do is so exciting and so important, it needs to be shared. Formerly a garden specialist at WWPS Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, I now conduct an intensive community garden program at Wodonga Middle Years College. I work with student volunteers 11 to 15 years old in order to teach them organic gardening skills which will hopefully enable them to make better lifestyle choices for themselves and their community in the future. I am thrilled to be part of the movement where schools take on the task of educating young generations about this most basic of prerequisites towards sustainable, food secure future.

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  1. Karen R says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful acknowledgement of all your hard work, passion and dedication! Love the photos and it was fabulous to hear Costa’s glowing report about his visit to the school (and personal tribute to you!) at the RCE launch. Well done to all, and especially to you Helena!

  2. Anna says:

    Congratulations Helena to have Costa visit your garden, very exciting. You are doing amazing things in this local area, you truly do have green thumbs (and fingers…and hands…) I also think it’s great you are blogging too, good on you.

    • hey Anna, nice to hear from you via Schoolharvest. It was pretty good having Costa check out our garden

      I still need to learn a lot about blogging, but… I made a start and we are out there at least this much

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